Posts from: September 2016

Maya 2016 Renderman Displacement mapping

Howdy folks, I wanted to make two short shorts to show how displacement mapping with Renderman shaders would look. The first is a walking ball without displacement and the second is with massive displacement. I didn’t realize it would look so chubby when I set it up but I like the outcome.  

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Fraggle Rock

Lionel Noël Royer meets Fraggle Rock

Howdy folks,   The time has come to make some portfolio filler. I’ve chosen to blend two of my favorite things together: Fraggle Rock and French painting legend Lionel Noël Royer’s painting Portrait of Comte d’Adhemar de Cransac (c. 1890). Like everything else it starts out with sketches. Currently, it’s in the pre-board phase where I tighten…

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Maya 2016 + Renderman PxrLMSubsurface Displacement

Howdy folks, I decided to make a quick video on using displacement mapping with Renderman PxrLMSubsurface shaders. Basically, the bump mapping for their subsurface shader is lack-luster… sort of. It definitely has its place but in general it’s more of a subtlety than anything else. When using displacement mapping with their subsurface shader you have…

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Maya 2016 Random nParticle Instancer

Howdy folks, By request I’ve put together a quick silent film on creating random nParticle instancers. It’s pretty self explanatory. Enjoy  

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Twilight Zone monkey in Zync

Howdy folks, I’m still playing around with different cloud rendering services before I dive into fully animating my sock monkey Twilight Zones. What’s the point in spending the time to animate if the calculated render time on my laptop is 37 years? Google purchased a pretty nice cloud rendering patch from a small production studio…

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Funky Rigging Glitch – Maya 2016

Maya 2016 Renderman rigged body glitch Howdy folks, I’m still relatively new to Renderman for Maya but it looks like I may have stumbled upon an abnormal glitch. When I clear history on a rigged geometry the skin is unbound from the rig. It looked pretty funny so I rendered it out. Basically, I’m fiddling…

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Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.56.08 PM

Maya 2016 nParticle Emitters

Howdy all, So, I’ve been playing around with Maya’s nParticle emitters. If you check out my video on particle instancing it shows you how to quickly replace emitted particles with your own geometry. In the video I made an emitter that pours cereal that looks more like donuts.     In this one I replaced…

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