Posts from: May 2017


Monkey Rigging

Howdy folks. I’m trying to get a plausible stop-motion feel out of Maya and Renderman. I think it’s coming along.  

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More Monkey – More Love

Howdy Folks! Keeping on keeping on with the PxrOSL.  

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Sock Monkey – Renderman 21

Howdy Folks! I’m still working on PxrOSL shaders in Renderman 21 and I’m loving it. Enjoy the monkey.      

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Mr. Monkey

Howdy folks. Monkey man’s laboratory is coming right along. A lot of the textural shaders are written in OSL for shits and giggles.  

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Pierre – Renderman Texturing Continued

Howdy folks. Pierre’s still looking for his keys.

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Renderman 21 – Night boat lighting

Howdy folks! I’ve been working on a nautical set about a crusty old sailor. For this one, I’m mostly worried about lighting to create a mood of isolation. I’m pretty happy with it. Sidenote: the chipped and worn paint are procedural, non-UV dependent textures. I’m having a lot of fun with those.

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Procedural Renderman

Howdy folks! I’ve been working on layered textures in Renderman using non-UV dependent shading networks. I’m pretty pleased with the tests so far. Basically, I’m using geometry-dependent shaders to create one network that pulls custom primitive color variables to drive color, specular, specular bump, etc. The learning curve is steep, but well worth the effort….

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Pierre – The lost Huguenot

Howdy folks. I present to you the tale of a sailor long forgotten. Pierre comes from a long line of French puritans that got lost on their way to America. The should have made a left turn in Albuquerque! So it goes.    

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RCA Tube

RCA: Tube du Jour

Howdy folks. Here’s an RCA tube I modelled in Maya. Some subtleties were modeled in ZBrush and the whole thing was rendered with Renderman 21. A pretty fun and quick project.      

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UX – Wireframe: Home

Howdy y’all, I’ve been tasked to redesign and rebuild the company website. Figured I should post an in-progress shot for posterity’s sake.  

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