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Monkey Rigging

Howdy folks. I’m trying to get a plausible stop-motion feel out of Maya and Renderman. I think it’s coming along.  

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More Monkey – More Love

Howdy Folks! Keeping on keeping on with the PxrOSL.  

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Sock Monkey – Renderman 21

Howdy Folks! I’m still working on PxrOSL shaders in Renderman 21 and I’m loving it. Enjoy the monkey.      

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Mr. Monkey

Howdy folks. Monkey man’s laboratory is coming right along. A lot of the textural shaders are written in OSL for shits and giggles.  

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Pierre – Renderman Texturing Continued

Howdy folks. Pierre’s still looking for his keys.

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Renderman 21 – Night boat lighting

Howdy folks! I’ve been working on a nautical set about a crusty old sailor. For this one, I’m mostly worried about lighting to create a mood of isolation. I’m pretty happy with it. Sidenote: the chipped and worn paint are procedural, non-UV dependent textures. I’m having a lot of fun with those.

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Procedural Renderman

Howdy folks! I’ve been working on layered textures in Renderman using non-UV dependent shading networks. I’m pretty pleased with the tests so far. Basically, I’m using geometry-dependent shaders to create one network that pulls custom primitive color variables to drive color, specular, specular bump, etc. The learning curve is steep, but well worth the effort….

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Pierre – The lost Huguenot

Howdy folks. I present to you the tale of a sailor long forgotten. Pierre comes from a long line of French puritans that got lost on their way to America. The should have made a left turn in Albuquerque! So it goes.    

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RCA Tube

RCA: Tube du Jour

Howdy folks. Here’s an RCA tube I modelled in Maya. Some subtleties were modeled in ZBrush and the whole thing was rendered with Renderman 21. A pretty fun and quick project.      

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Hip Kid Alien Yearbook photo: ZBrush to Renderman

Alien – ZBrush to Renderman

Howdy folks! I’ve decided to start uploading some of my ZBrush creations. I’m sure tutorials will soon follow.    

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Gravity Falls - Gnomes

Gravity Falls – Gnomes

Howdy all! I love Gravity Falls and decided to take a crack at adopting (stealing) their background style.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.50.52 AM

Thrown flour sack

A flour sack is a nice and simple object to learn the foundations of animation as it requires arches, waves, stretch and bounce! This little guy is being thrown out. I especially like the final three frames of flop when he lands.    

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Floppy Ears in Maya with Expression Editor

  Howdy folks! Sorry for the crap audio quality. Laptop mics are rubbish. This is a quick tutorial of how to programmatically drive floppy ears with expression editor. The idea is to use the head control curve to drive the ear floppiness. To do this I’m feeding the rotate values of the head_CTRL_CRV into the…

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Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.48.32 AM

Maya Frame Offset

Howdy folks! Here is a quick expression that uses one object to drive another with a frame offset. It’s pretty straight forward and it’s applications are broad. Enjoy!

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nParticle rendering problems in Renderman 21

Howdy y’all, So, I’m working on a little some’in that required nParticles inside a glass shader. Basically I wanted milk in a bottle. The particles rendered outside the bottle but not within. Turns out RfM sometimes unchecks a couple little boxes (Reflection and Refraction) in the Render Stats of a shape. Turn then back on…

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Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 4.53.43 PM

xGen Renderman issues

Howdy all, I’ve spent nearly two months trying to overcome the glitchy compatibility issues between Maya 2016’s xGen and Renderman 20. Geometry/polygons would render but the hair systems would not. I tracked down the few people on the vast interwebs who figured it out but none of them could remember. I call BULLSHIT! Here’s the fix…

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