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Hip Kid Alien Yearbook photo: ZBrush to Renderman

Alien – ZBrush to Renderman

Howdy folks! I’ve decided to start uploading some of my ZBrush creations. I’m sure tutorials will soon follow.    

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Sheriff Hopper - Stranger things

Sheriff Hopper – Stranger Things

Howdy Folks! Illustration of the day. I think it turned out pretty darn good.

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Bill Murray

Bill Murray

Howdy folks! Illustration of the day.    

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Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson – Illustration

Howdy folks! Here’s my illustration of the day.    

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Jacque Custeau

Jacque Custeau – Illustration

Howdy folks! Here’s my illustration of the day

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David Lynch - Illustration

David Lynch – Illustration

Howdy Folks! Illustration of the day again

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Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy – Illustration

Howdy all! Bill Nighy is awesome and I thought I’d illustrate him.

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Danny Trejo illustration

Danny Trejo

Howdy folks! Illustration of the day is going strong with this Danny Trejo caricature. Still have alot to learn about caricature design; however, I think my rendering is moving right along.

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dayton city paper

Cover design

Howdy folks. Here’s a piece I’ve been working on for the local alt weekly.

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bill nighy - progress

Bill Nighy – progress

Howdy all! I’m really starting to enjoy procreate.

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Benny Hill Illustration

Benny Hill

Illustration of the day: Benny Hill

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David Duchovny - x files

David Duchovny – x files

Howdy folks! I’ve been watching alot of X Files lately.

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benny hill

Benny Hill – progress

Howdy folks! On this one, I’m starting out with a warm mid-tone to see how it affects the final product.

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Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa – Procreate

Howdy folks! I was compelled to make the Muffin Man.

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Gravity Falls - Gnomes

Gravity Falls – Gnomes

Howdy all! I love Gravity Falls and decided to take a crack at adopting (stealing) their background style.

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Crusty Dude

Crusty Dude – procreate

Howdy all! Behold, my… uhhh… fourth… Procreate piece? This¬†took about an hour and I’m pretty please with it.  

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Raising Arizona - Gale Snoats

Raising Arizona – Gale Snoats

This is my second project in Procreate. I was always a techno-holdout when it comes to illustration, but it’s just so god damn fast and malleable. It’s insane.  

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