Floppy Ears in Maya with Expression Editor


Howdy folks!

Sorry for the crap audio quality. Laptop mics are rubbish.

This is a quick tutorial of how to programmatically drive floppy ears with expression editor. The idea is to use the head control curve to drive the ear floppiness. To do this I’m feeding the rotate values of the head_CTRL_CRV into the ear_CTRL_CRV’s x,y,z rotations at a 3-frame lag. Keep in mind that when you programmatically control an object’s attributes you can no longer manually adjust that attribute… unless you make a separate control and a slider, sort of like an IK/FK Result chain. Below is the expression snippet for grabbing an attribute value from a different frame:

$earRotationX = nurbsCircle3.rotateX – getAttr -t frame -3 nurbsCircle3.rotateX