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Car – C4D Shader Deformer: test

Howdy folks,   This is my interpretation of a tutorial I found in German. I had no idea what he was saying but I think I figured it out. The hump that I had a hard time getting over was in the first stage. Basically, you create a primitive environment and set your clunky boxy car…

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Sock Monkey – Renderman 21

Howdy Folks! I’m still working on PxrOSL shaders in Renderman 21 and I’m loving it. Enjoy the monkey.      

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Hip Kid Alien Yearbook photo: ZBrush to Renderman

Alien – ZBrush to Renderman

Howdy folks! I’ve decided to start uploading some of my ZBrush creations. I’m sure tutorials will soon follow.    

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Raising Arizona - Gale Snoats

Raising Arizona – Gale Snoats

This is my second project in Procreate. I was always a techno-holdout when it comes to illustration, but it’s just so god damn fast and malleable. It’s insane.  

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Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.50.52 AM

Thrown flour sack

A flour sack is a nice and simple object to learn the foundations of animation as it requires arches, waves, stretch and bounce! This little guy is being thrown out. I especially like the final three frames of flop when he lands.    

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Floppy Ears in Maya with Expression Editor

  Howdy folks! Sorry for the crap audio quality. Laptop mics are rubbish. This is a quick tutorial of how to programmatically drive floppy ears with expression editor. The idea is to use the head control curve to drive the ear floppiness. To do this I’m feeding the rotate values of the head_CTRL_CRV into the…

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Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.48.32 AM

Maya Frame Offset

Howdy folks! Here is a quick expression that uses one object to drive another with a frame offset. It’s pretty straight forward and it’s applications are broad. Enjoy!

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nParticle rendering problems in Renderman 21

Howdy y’all, So, I’m working on a little some’in that required nParticles inside a glass shader. Basically I wanted milk in a bottle. The particles rendered outside the bottle but not within. Turns out RfM sometimes unchecks a couple little boxes (Reflection and Refraction) in the Render Stats of a shape. Turn then back on…

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Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 4.53.43 PM

xGen Renderman issues

Howdy all, I’ve spent nearly two months trying to overcome the glitchy compatibility issues between Maya 2016’s xGen and Renderman 20. Geometry/polygons would render but the hair systems would not. I tracked down the few people on the vast interwebs who figured it out but none of them could remember. I call BULLSHIT! Here’s the fix…

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Maya 2016 + Renderman PxrLMSubsurface Displacement

Howdy folks, I decided to make a quick video on using displacement mapping with Renderman PxrLMSubsurface shaders. Basically, the bump mapping for their subsurface shader is lack-luster… sort of. It definitely has its place but in general it’s more of a subtlety than anything else. When using displacement mapping with their subsurface shader you have…

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Maya 2016 Random nParticle Instancer

Howdy folks, By request I’ve put together a quick silent film on creating random nParticle instancers. It’s pretty self explanatory. Enjoy  

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Twilight Zone monkey in Zync

Howdy folks, I’m still playing around with different cloud rendering services before I dive into fully animating my sock monkey Twilight Zones. What’s the point in spending the time to animate if the calculated render time on my laptop is 37 years? Google purchased a pretty nice cloud rendering patch from a small production studio…

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Funky Rigging Glitch – Maya 2016

Maya 2016 Renderman rigged body glitch Howdy folks, I’m still relatively new to Renderman for Maya but it looks like I may have stumbled upon an abnormal glitch. When I clear history on a rigged geometry the skin is unbound from the rig. It looked pretty funny so I rendered it out. Basically, I’m fiddling…

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Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.56.08 PM

Maya 2016 nParticle Emitters

Howdy all, So, I’ve been playing around with Maya’s nParticle emitters. If you check out my video on particle instancing it shows you how to quickly replace emitted particles with your own geometry. In the video I made an emitter that pours cereal that looks more like donuts.     In this one I replaced…

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Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.48.29 AM

A pig for a monkey

In an effort to practice creating more low-poly characters for my Twilight Zone recreations, I present Oinkers. He will most likely play the general conducting the space isolation missions in the Pilot episode. the UV presence masking needs a little TLC but I like him! His primary shader is a PxrSubSurface shader set to white, pink…

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Monkey & Stingray

My Twilight Zone monkey is coming along pretty well. After having built up the shader networks in REYES I up and decided to switch to RIS. Though I miss Slim, I regret nothing! This scene took 7 hours to render. One scene… 7 hours. New strategy: animate the scenes, upgrade my hardware then final render….

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Slim for Renderman

In my endless efforts to develop a sockmey-Twilight Zone series I’m forced to learn the inner workings of Renderman’s Slim. Before this I really didn’t have much experience building shaders, but from what I’ve read, this shoooould give me more control with faster render times. In my efforts to learn it I’ve come to this…

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