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Maya 2016 Renderman Displacement mapping

Howdy folks, I wanted to make two short shorts to show how displacement mapping with Renderman shaders would look. The first is a walking ball without displacement and the second is with massive displacement. I didn’t realize it would look so chubby when I set it up but I like the outcome.  

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Maya 2016 + Renderman PxrLMSubsurface Displacement

Howdy folks, I decided to make a quick video on using displacement mapping with Renderman PxrLMSubsurface shaders. Basically, the bump mapping for their subsurface shader is lack-luster… sort of. It definitely has its place but in general it’s more of a subtlety than anything else. When using displacement mapping with their subsurface shader you have…

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Maya 2016 Random nParticle Instancer

Howdy folks, By request I’ve put together a quick silent film on creating random nParticle instancers. It’s pretty self explanatory. Enjoy  

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Funky Rigging Glitch – Maya 2016

Maya 2016 Renderman rigged body glitch Howdy folks, I’m still relatively new to Renderman for Maya but it looks like I may have stumbled upon an abnormal glitch. When I clear history on a rigged geometry the skin is unbound from the rig. It looked pretty funny so I rendered it out. Basically, I’m fiddling…

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