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Maya 2016 nParticle Emitters

Howdy all, So, I’ve been playing around with Maya’s nParticle emitters. If you check out my video on particle instancing it shows you how to quickly replace emitted particles with your own geometry. In the video I made an emitter that pours cereal that looks more like donuts.     In this one I replaced…

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Adding the Squish

I’ve decided to take a monkey break and try to develop a better rig. Since my monkey has an unusually high amount of polygons I’ve decided to do some testing on a simpler form. After doing some walking drills with my monkey I decided that he looked waaaaay to stiff and rigid so now I’m…

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Army Monkey

My monkey is finally looking how I want him. I’ll spend a little more time working on the fabric, and the sets are definitely a work in-progress, but for now, it’s time to animate the opening scene. I’ve noticed the opening scene has a very light amount of fog so figuring that out is important….

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